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Great boxer Puppy

We got our Boxer Puppy and she was house broke in. A week. My wife and I Can not be happier.

Robert. R. Robinson


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I have never been more happy, I lost money to a scammer and I was afraid trying to find my forever baby, I explained what had happened to me my concerns were totally understood, the people here made me comfortable in the process answered every question I had had no problem keeping me posted on the process. I have a husky named Omar brought right to my door awesome job you guys will forever have me as a customer thank you so much for your help. I score your company a perfect 100 score!!!!!!

Clarence Rasberry

Very nice

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Had been looking for golden retriever puppy & we just didn’t find one but two . We are very happy with are two new furbabies


Our new family member.

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I can’t say enough about our wonderful puppy. He is so happy and healthy. All star pets has been amazing. The care and service goes above and beyond. With so many scammers out there taking advantage of people who want a puppy to love it is wonderful to work with people who understand and want the best for you and your new fur baby. I tell all my family and friends what a wonderful place to get a new addition to your family. They are reasonably priced and you won’t be taken advantage of. Thank you All Star Family for our wonderful fur baby.

Cheryle Abul Husn

Ivanka is precious

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I worked with Rachel and she was great! Are pug died this year and Ivanka has filled the whole in are hearts. The transport service was also a great service. Thank you!

Amber cassman

Golden retrievers

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We are so happy with our two new puppies. Emily was so nice & helpful. I would definitely recommend them if your looking for a furbaby .

Marla D

Can’t say THANK YOU enough!

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When my family was searching for a Siberian husky puppy we found this facility online and with us living almost 400 miles away, I was skeptical as anyone would be however after speaking with Chris, I was nothing less than excited. She truly went above and beyond to communicate & make this process as smooth as possible. I got the exact pup I wanted within 24 hrs! I’m so thankful to have found All Star Family Pets and I can’t wait to use them again in the future when we add to our wolf pack 🙂

Hannah Keen

Boxer perfect baby

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I picked up our new addition to our family Father’s Day weekend. Everyone was really helpful and the place was very clean. We love our Rosie girl! She has been the best puppy! ❤️

Angie Dwyer

All Star Family Pets/ pleased, but did not ever get the good health paperwork the delivery couple told us we would receive!

Would love to receive the promised paperwork regarding good health. The delivery couple advised that they would send it but never did. We received our sweet mini golden doodle the night of November 9, 2021. They had named her Rachael but she has been renamed, Daisy Mae. She is an absolute Angel we dearly love her. Other than this all went well. We need her health papers that were promised, please.
I would use you again most definitely. I recently sent a friend to your site as she is searching but scared of scams just as I was.

Debra Barnett

Great Experience!

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You won’t retreat the purchase. The best Christmas gift very happy with my puppies.

Crystal Rodriguez

Fantastic Experience

All Star Pets really outdid themselves! I am so impressed with the quality, communication, and kindness. If you are looking for a super pet, look no further. They have an easy website to use and once you pick your baby communication is quick. I had my puppy delivered and it was an easy process. Totally worth the cost. If you are tired of the scams check out Allstar Pets!

Stacey Ignagni


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This review is long overdue due but this one is for you Sky.

As a first timer buyer online I was super skeptical about it at first until I got in touch with Sky. Her communication was phenomenal right from the start. She made me feel comfortable every step of the way. She sent photos and videos of our puppy when requested, addressed any concerns I had. Honestly if it wasn’t for the above and beyond service that she provided I would’ve back out from buying online. So thank you again Sky.

When it came to the delivery and receiving process of our puppy it was very straight forward with their team. It was a little rough due to traffic and unexpected delays and GPS issues. I was very patient with them because you have to understand that it’s not only your puppy that they’re delivering out of state it’s tons across state. Minus all the delays they still kept in touch throughout the process which I appreciate (plus you pay the rest thats due once receiving your puppy) which was the kicker for me. If it was a scam I didn’t mind losing my deposit. Luckily it wasn’t and now we have our fur baby furever. Thanks again Sky and the All star family pet staff. You guys are appreciated.

Travis Dang

Boxer Girl – Olive

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Working with All Star Family Pets to find out sweet Boxer puppy (Olive) was such an easy process. They went above and beyond to help me feel comfortable that I was not being scammed. The delivery drivers were very nice and kept me up-to-date in their journey. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a new puppy.

Jana Stump

Love our Puppy! ❤️🐻

Love our puppy adopted from all star family pets.

Absolutely love our puppy, Coco!! We were ready for a baby and All Star Family Pets did an amazing job of getting her to us and fast. We are happy with every aspect of the process!!

Amy Hardin

All Star Family Pets

Springer English

Sky was wonderful to work with, she answered all of my questions quickly, and was very helpful. My cocker spaniel was vet checked a couple of days after I brought her home and she received a clean bill of health. Overall an easy process and friendly staff.

Erin Thomas

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