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I have never been more happy, I lost money to a scammer and I was afraid trying to find my forever baby, I explained what had happened to me my concerns were totally understood, the people here made me comfortable in the process answered every question I had had no problem keeping me posted on the process. I have a husky named Omar brought right to my door awesome job you guys will forever have me as a customer thank you so much for your help. I score your company a perfect 100 score!!!!!!

Clarence Rasberry

5 Star Company!!!!! We are beyond pleased.

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What an amazing company!!!!! We just had the absolute best experience with purchasing and the delivery of our new puppy; Frenchton (Regina)-Now Harley! Super easy process and even their delivery drivers were very nice and informative on the day of pick up!!! We worked with Ashley and not only did she answer all our questions promptly; she even helped me through the online process. Ashley was absolutely amazing and so sweet! We highly recommend this company to all! Thank you so much, Ashley and All Star family pets!

Kristen Hunter

Boxer perfect baby

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I picked up our new addition to our family Father’s Day weekend. Everyone was really helpful and the place was very clean. We love our Rosie girl! She has been the best puppy! ❤️

Angie Dwyer

Found my dream dog!!

Found my dream dog. Adopted a pomsky puppy from All Star Family Pets.

I looked everywhere for a reliable Pomsky breeder. During my search I was almost scammed too many times to count, then I found All Star Family Pets from the Lancaster Puppy website. I am so happy I went with this breeder! My little Nikita is 4 months old and is everything I could’ve ever hoped for. She’s such a good puppy and is extremely sociable. Nothing scares her and she was easy to train. We get compliments everywhere we go, she’s definitely a looker! Go with this breeder! They also ensure all of the puppies are happy and healthy.

Audrey N

Love our Puppy! ❤️🐻

Love our puppy adopted from all star family pets.

Absolutely love our puppy, Coco!! We were ready for a baby and All Star Family Pets did an amazing job of getting her to us and fast. We are happy with every aspect of the process!!

Amy Hardin

English Bulldog

I got my English Bulldog here and he’s my chunky little bowling ball I love him to bits!


Reliable, professional and nice people

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We are so happy to have Melody with us, thank you to all star family pets for being such a good, professional and reliable company. They are always willing to answer any questions we may have. We are in Tampa Florida, and they delivered my puppy safely and very quickly.

Jhoraxi Chacon

Superb experience

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Thank you all star family pet for delivering my puppy safe. Very accommodating people and very great service.

Rachele Dziaduch


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I never thought adopting a pet would be so easy. They drove my puppy to me and gave her to me with all smiles. I have never been so happy. Théa came in to get forever home with no severe problems. She is completely healthy. When people stop me in the streets to ask me where I got her I don’t hesitate to tell them about AllStar. Incredible.

Manu Marulanda

Benny the Sweetest Cavapoo

Benny Cavapoo

This was one of my best experiences I have ever had with any pet store or breeder to date. They answered all of my questions and went beyond accommodating me picking out my furry partner in life. I also did a YouTube review on me picking up Benny and the location. Just search allstarfamilypets and you will find the video. This was a great experience for me and my family.

Vitaly Vaysberg

Great Experience With Emily!

Great experience with Emily when adopting our pomsky puppy.

We purchased a Pomsky and couldn’t be happier! Emily was so helpful sending pictures and answering all of my questions very quickly! The day we traveled to meet the puppies couldn’t have gone any smoother! The girls were very helpful and answered all of our questions and were very knowledgeable about the breed! I highly recommend!!

Gina Rigg

Golden retrievers

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We are so happy with our two new puppies. Emily was so nice & helpful. I would definitely recommend them if your looking for a furbaby .

Marla D

Very nice

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Had been looking for golden retriever puppy & we just didn’t find one but two . We are very happy with are two new furbabies


Great Experience

Worked with Sky as well as her coworkers when she was on vacation. The staff is super friendly. they went up and beyond answering our questions to get the perfect pomskys for us. We purchased 3, and the vet states they are all are perfect pomskys. We did have a intestinal parasite in two, but Sky was great stating the breeder will take care of under the health guarantee. Could not be happier. They are all learning fast and doing well. If you would like to know which ones we purchased, they are Jonas, Faith, and Abe.

Scott Burish

Friendly, professional, reliable

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We just took Petey into our family! Such a sweet boy! Ashley at All Star was so easy to deal with. I had spoken to other breeders and scammers over the last couple weeks, and I could tell immediately that she and All Star were the real deal! She was very receptive to my numerous calls and texts. We even Face-timed with our Petey during the process to get more comfort! We had to get Petey transported from Indiana to South Florida, and they were so accommodating for us! I’ve already given their website and information to a couple of friends and highly recommend them!!! Thank you!

Irene C

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