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This review is long overdue due but this one is for you Sky.

As a first timer buyer online I was super skeptical about it at first until I got in touch with Sky. Her communication was phenomenal right from the start. She made me feel comfortable every step of the way. She sent photos and videos of our puppy when requested, addressed any concerns I had. Honestly if it wasn’t for the above and beyond service that she provided I would’ve back out from buying online. So thank you again Sky.

When it came to the delivery and receiving process of our puppy it was very straight forward with their team. It was a little rough due to traffic and unexpected delays and GPS issues. I was very patient with them because you have to understand that it’s not only your puppy that they’re delivering out of state it’s tons across state. Minus all the delays they still kept in touch throughout the process which I appreciate (plus you pay the rest thats due once receiving your puppy) which was the kicker for me. If it was a scam I didn’t mind losing my deposit. Luckily it wasn’t and now we have our fur baby furever. Thanks again Sky and the All star family pet staff. You guys are appreciated.

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