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Great experience finding the pug my daughter fell in love with

It’s 12/15/21. A few weeks prior my daughter informed me how much she wanted to pug. So I Searched for the perfect one, And I came across all star family pets. I texted them And they responded very quickly. They informed me what I needed to do as far as reserving our pug. Two days later I drove 4 hours to get him. I’m not sure of the name of the young man that was in the office but He was very helpful with all my questions, very professional. He explained all of the paperwork, all of the shots records and so on. Even gave me a baggie full of the food the pug was on.. And to top it off I told him that I had a harness and leash ordered on Amazon but it wasn’t going to come in until Wednesday And he even went and gave me a collar and a leash for free Just so I didn’t have to worry about losing the dog on the way home when I was going to stop for a potty breaks for him. I couldn’t be more happier!! Very professional outfit.. When I went to the office I Saul I’m not sure maybe 15 dogs may be in total.. They were being held in what I would call like a child crib But for puppies of course.. It was very clean they were all fed they all had water.. It was a good experience.. you know some places you think would just want your money, have u take your dog and go.. I wasn’t rushed off & All my questions were answered.. I would highly suggest this place to people That are looking for a forever dog.. I did not tell my daughter that I was getting the dog I took the day off work And I surprised her that night when I got home with him. My wife videotaped it and OMG she just fell in love instantly. MY MY HEART HAPPY! So his name was ice when I purchased him.. She decided to rename him MILO 😎. When we ever want another dog to add to our family, I will 💯return my business to ALL STAR PETS… Milo definitely has his forever home & everyone already loves him. What an adorable puppy!!!! Thank you for helping me Make my daughter happy!!

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